We are thrilled to be the first provider to offer this new revolutionary, non-invasive, anti-aging treatment in Westchester County!

CooLifting is a non-invasive state of the art anti-aging, wrinkle reduction treatment. Its proprietary delivery mechanism uses pressurized sub-zero CO2 gas to infuse a blended hyaluronic acid solution deep within your skin. The effects, which are both immediate and long-lasting, include:

  • Immediate and Noticeable Anti-Aging
  • Smoothing of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Lifting
  • Skin Tightening
  • Hydration
  • Improved Overall Skin Health

CooLifting is suitable for all skin types, skin conditions (excluding acne) and all ages. The best results are noticeable around the eyes, naso-labial folds, upper lip and forehead. Therefore this treatment is especially ideal for those who already have fine lines and wrinkles.

Why CooLifting?

  • Safe
  • Pain-Free
  • Look younger in just 5 minutes!
  • No Side Effects
  • No Down-Time
  • Immediate Results: improved hydration, effective reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gives a lift and tightens the skin
  • Fast – Excellent for those with busy life styles, people on the go
  • Great before any special occasions: weddings, reunions, birthdays, business meeting, dates, dinner with friends and family etc.

Before & After Pictures

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see results?

You will see an immediate luminosity to the skin. Within 12-24 hours of the treatment, you will also notice a tightening/lifting effect. Clients who sign up for a package of three treatments followed by monthly follow-ups will see substantial improvement over time.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

You will see immediate results after just 1 CooLifting treatment, however ongoing maintenance treatments will help keep the youthful results ongoing. It depends on your needs. Some clients have a 1 time special event that they want to look younger for such as a wedding. In this case, they come in for 1 single CooLifting session:

  • 1 Single Session: Sometimes referred to as a “Cinderella Facial.” You will see an immediate and noticeable effect effect with a more radiant appearance and well hydrated skin. It can be the beginning of a multiple session treatment with a more lasting effect.

Other Clients love the youthful results CooLifting provides with out injections, surgery or Botox. For these clients, we provide an initial ramp up protocol followed by occasional maintenance treatments:

  • Multiple treatment protocol: 3-4 sessions in one month (1 per week) for a more lasting youthful look, increased radiant appearance, fine line & wrinkle reduction and encouraged hydration of the skin.
  • Maintenance treatment: One session every month

Is there any maintenance required after a treatment?

Post-treatment, you can return to your regular skin care regimen with a good moisturizer and sunscreen. These guidelines also apply if you get CooLifting “maintenance” treatments.

Can people with sensitive skin be treated with CooLifting?

Yes. CooLifting can be used on all skin types or degree of pigmentation. Clients of all ages can benefit from the intense hydration benefits of CooLifting.

Is there any downtime after a treatment?

There is NO downtime after CooLifting. In fact, it’s a perfect “Red Carpet” facial before a special event like a black tie dinner, wedding, or class reunion.

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